The Kingdom of Tree

The legend of Kingdom of Tree is a less known tale. In 300 AD, there was a place hidden in the giant arms of Mount Kailash. The legends say that it was a time of herbs. Our modern science cannot deny the fact that trees are living creatures. They breathe, they exchange energy from environment but they do not have a very complex  structure called nervous system. Thousand years ago, trees used to have a brain and even more complex nervous system then men. But these creatures used to respond or communicate with each other only in solitary environment. It was believed that that were very shy creatures. This tale is about a time when human beings just started developing.

“The Valley of Green” was the headquarter of kingdom of trees. There were a clear instruction from the king Mr. Green that no tree will respond to anything except in a solitary environment. Till that time there was no threat to trees from any other species. But gradually  there were increasing reports of murder by human beings. The people of Valley of Green started feeling some unusual changes in the air. The king was repulsive for any action against mankind even after the reports of mass killing of trees by human beings. King knew that he cannot go for a war against human beings because war is not a characteristic of trees. Some where in his heart, he had accepted that the time of trees is going to end very soon.

“Sir, we have been able to tell human that we are not coward. One of the Banyan tree in the region or laddakh has killed 2 human beings by trapping them in his giant roots.” One of the council of palace reported this to the King. The king was very disappointed to hear the news. he was a more that 1000 years old tree, no body knew what his real age is, including the king himself. He had seen the world and he knew that according to the old prophecy, one day trees will raise a war against a highly intelligent species and that will be the end of any one of the species. He did not wanted such an intelligent race as human being to extinct, neither do he wanted his own kin to be invaded. Trees were crucial for existence of humans. The King was in two minds, it was impossible for him to the choose between those two options. The King ordered to call out representatives of all the places in world for a meeting on an immediate basis.

“The time of inventions, technology, discoveries is waiting ahead, The legends have said that there will be a race which will concur and rule the whole earth and no one would be able to withstand in their way. All other species and races will be just a resource for them. My dear friends, the time has come but unfortunately we have made them our enemy, to start a war which will extinct our own kind. The war will be a self destruction for them too, as we are the major resource for their survival. Yes, my dear friends the time has changed and we all will always remain just a resource, nothing else.” King opened the meeting with these bitter words. The whole assembly started panicking, “we will take revenge of the blood shed, we defy the idea of serving those, who killed our own people.”

King announced ” My friend, the destruction has already started, the whole of laddakh has been deserted over nigh, there is not even a single leaf of tree you can find in laddakh. You must have felt that the air is not that fresh, I understand that the option I am giving to you people is not easy, but our breath is the survival of all other races which exist on this earth. Its not just about us, it’s about every living creature of this planet. They will destroy the life, including themselves and only our sacrifice can stop this apocalypse. Today, I call the whole of tree fraternity, to hold my hand and and make a promise. We will see everything, we will feel everything but whatever happens, we will never ever react”.We will always serve the life on this planet. Our breath will spread the essence of our glory.” Everyone followed the king’s words that day.

The world evolved with time, and people forgot the sacrifice made by trees. The banyan tree, the only tree who killed a few human being is still cursed, people believe that evil spirits live on that tree. We kept digging our own grave by killing trees and they remained silent, they always follow their king’s words.


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