Power of Imagination – IBMC #02

Featured Image -- 231Lord Shiva is the only God in Hinduism, worshiped by human, daemon, the evil and the God. He is believed to be one of the three superior gods in Hinduism, The Brahma, The Vishnu and The Shiva. There is nothing mentioned about the birth of Lord Shiva even in Vedas (the hold book ). But the more interesting fact is Lord Shiva is more famous among stoners. He is the lord of hippies.

This snap I clicked in a remote village called Chalal. There is no motor-able road to reach this village, one have to trek from Kasol to reach this village, situated in the hold land of The Himalayas. Every hippie in the world knows about this place called Kasol, because this is the point from where one can start his journey to the Malana, A place famous for proving superior quality of hash in the world called Malana cream. The irony is, this place is in India but a very few Indians know about it. Even the 90% to visitors Kasol encounters is from countries other than India, mostly Israelis. Vising this place made me realize that sometimes its hard to differentiate between real life and reel life. A remote village, with no schools, hospital or any other facility, people were listening to the songs of Bob Marley. If you do not have a guide to tell you the correct path during trekking, don’t worry, the local dogs will follow every traveler and tell you the correct path.

Now this snap i am talking about is drawn by a 5 year old kid, his mother used to tell him stories of lord Shiva as the protector of universe, and his father used to tell him the impotence of trees, as the only way of survival in that village is the Jungle. This is an epic imagination of that little child that how he mixed up the the stories represented lord Shiva as the tree, who protects his small world. During the conversation with that kid I was surprised to see that he was capable to talking to me in Sanskrit also. He told me that he saw lord Shiva emerging from an old tree in Jungle during night. And the next day he painted his wall by this beautiful painting. It was not surprising by the local people of Chalal, because it happens with most of the child in that village.

I don’t know what makes that place so different from the outer world, but the ability of that child to imagine is incredible.


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