The random Lines (IBMC-03)


Tiny little rock standing with an expression of shock

Me keeps eating pizza and find myself in a deadlock

She calls me on date and the only thing she do is talk, talk and talk.

Man showing his toned muscles, while there is everywhere fog.

Newton’s greatest discovery must be an apple

Who shot the shooting star.

Save water, drink bear.

If I could fly, I would never buy fruits.

electric shock is the best way of instant hair styling.

Randomness is the property of space.












One thought on “The random Lines (IBMC-03)

  1. Ha ha.. cool ones. Liked the electric shock hair style the most! 😛

    Also got little confused with save water, drink bear part. I read it as bear and imagined a beer at first. Then I laughed imagining a bear.

    Awesome! 🙂


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