Artificial Indian Foreigner

The time has gone, when someone calls you ugly, you will say

bhagwan ne mujhe aisa hi banaya hai, you are actually cursing God..

If you are ugly, no problem, go to a plastic surgeon, become beautiful, you can now choose what kind of lips or nose you want, it’s just a matter of money. If you are rich enough, you can look beautiful.

But the real problem is slightly different. In a country like India, women these days want to look like a foreigner. they colour their hairs to white or brown, were tiny clothes even in winters. treat the rural indians like they belong to a different nation altogether. they call it a fashion, but I call being a foreigner is a fashion.

foreigner is a slang used in India for all the white people irrespective of their nationality.

This new year, i decided to visit Kasol, a hill station known for hippies with maximum number of israelis and australians visiting this place, unfortunately, that place was packed with tourists. Wait, packed with not real foreigners, but with artificial foreigners. Yes, girls with goggles and white/brown hairs, dressed up in completely western attire, you can clearly guess looking at a few of them that the dress has been borrowed by someone. Men, serving to their so called foreign princess. but what’s wrong in being an artificial foreigner ?

1 – The real foreigner, don’t know hindi, so they talk to the local people in their language some even try to learn the local language, while the artificial foreigner have a good knowledge of local language, yet they talk to them in foreign language like english just because trying really hard to become an artificial foreigner.

2 – The real foreigner love to watch rural indian, they appreciate the efforts and hospitality of local people and and try to return same amount to love to them. The artificial foreigner, treat the local people as slave and underprivileged, they feel ashamed of them as they are indian but still are poor again, are trying really hard to be become an artificial foreigner.

3 – The real foreigner visit a hill station to explore the beauty of nature, the artificial foreigner visit a hill station to meet real foreigner and so that they can get drunk with a number of local people at their service.

A lot of cafe in Kasol, put a board outside their entrance, that indians are not allowed. Without wasting a single second, people declared these local people as antinational.In contrary, I believe that exactly what should happen to these artificial indians.

In Fact, the local people should write, ” Artificial Indians are not allowed”

The Father of education system of current developing India, and the slaughterer of education system of The Ancient Superpower, India  Lord Macaulay said

we will make  the Indians, english. They will be carrying the skin of an indian, but their soul will be english.

I would like to leave my readers with this question,

Will we ever be able to feel proud of our nation, become a true indian and leave this mental slavery of “British are superior”? Instead to become artificial foreigner, will we ever even try to become an Indian?


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