It’s about the beginning of all the stories. Once there was a person named poet, He used to write random  stuff which no one could understand except the children and insane, He used to write about events which can never happen, about people and places only legends have seen, about emotions which can make even mountain cry. He used to live alone, talking to animals, trees, singing like a stupid. Children used to love him, always surrounded by people. He was the only man on the planet with no enemy.

One day, poet was riding his tiny old cycle with his bag full of papers and stories, watching the birds singing, enjoying the cool breeze, suddenly he collided with a big rock and loose control. The poet fell down on the road, all his wrings and storied were mixed up. The syndrella was kidnapped by lord of devil, Ravana. There was mogli also running in the race of tortoise and rabbit. Birbal and Narad became friends, started roaming around the hell and heaven together, creating a even greater mess. Adolf Hitler became a monk, doing propaganda of peace. That is where a new parallel world of alternate reality started.

I am here to tell you about that unknown reality, welcome to “LEGEND OF THE POET”!!