They Made Me

people call me jerk, while having a perk,
they call me stupid, try to make my eyes liquid,
chasing me here and there, with a middle fingure covered by mirage of care,

so, i came out of my shell,
and i roared across the street,
i put a fire in fake greets,
i was enlightened in the fumes,
of the glory that people assumes,

then i realised, i finally became what they were calling me,
i bought a perk, and started shouting jerk to the people like me


It was the road of greatness, con man wanted to achieve. The road less travelled. But it was the urge to become different that fascinated con man always. It was the urge to become different. He was not scared of anything anymore. Con man wanted to donate his whole life helping the week, the poor, the orphan and the old. it was the first day in his new organisation, a kingdom he has to pass by to reach that road of greatness. Sitting in a corner, watching the faces of people, indulged into his own thoughts and imaginations, he saw something familiar. A familiar face to the your highness, the same persona, a fragrance that can hypnotise the living and the dead, mortal and immortal. But, she was not looking happy.

“I should rip that sadness apart from her face”, con man decided.  But he knew, for that pretty girl, con man was a stranger and he did not wanted the history to repeat itself again. He made a wish, “My lord! I wish i can have a connecting link between us.” That day passed by, like a sand from the pot. Next day, the girl, the pretty lady approached con man for some official query, for the god had granted con man’s wish this time.

In the infinite possibilities of this finite word, con man found a place for his desire and dream. For the first time, he felt anything is possible. Although he did not know this time how to treat the pretty girl, like a princess or a simple lady. With fingers crossed, eyes stunned as stone, he approached the pretty lady.

After so many years, he felt that scared, but he was not a coward anymore. Conman has always been a one sided lover throughout his life.It is said that that the people born in the month of July are crazy lovers. May be no one could handle his appetite for love. This time, his passion grew into something achievable, this time, it was not the sun he wanted to grab in his arms, this time there was a lovely pretty girl, with the same persona, same simplicity, same compassion. Her smile was even more beautiful, her words were even more childish, there was just one thing in common. They both never get angry, like spreading a positive vibe through a beautiful smile all around her, lest that one moment when the lord of anger show itself through that beautiful lady. Con man had already seen that daemon appearing through your highness, he did not wanted it to appear again through pretty lady.

the whole of past and his journey from a lost common man to becoming a well organised brave man was rolling in front of his eyes. “hey pretty lady, can I ask you something”. ” yes my dear, you can ask whatever you want.”, pretty lady replied. ” do you have a boyfriend?”, con man asked in a shaky voice.   “Oh yes! My husband works in here, can’t you see vermilion on my forehead ?” Suddenly, the eyes of can man rushed on her forehead, and even that vermilion was looking awesome on her. He never realised that it can be a ugly truth for him.

He was there the whole day. His eyes were not numb, they were even stoned now. There was no movement, no stimuli he could feel.

That con man is still standing at that place, since then. People have made him a part of museum now. But he still stand there, saying the same thing again,from the deep of his heart



The Story Of A Con Man

The story i am going to tell you, is a normal story of a common man, like me and you. How the situations of his life made him strong and raised him from being a common man to a brave, fearless man. And how in the end, destiny plays with him a dirty game, which gave birth to a supernatural phenomenon.

I request my readers to read the story till the end to fulfil my purpose of writing this story.

– (a message for my readers)



Part – 1 ( The Beginning )

once upon  a time, there was a con man

who just by a moment, became insane

his whole world, synchronised in a single personality.

A personification of all desires and dreams

He was just, walking on the field when he saw,

A glimpse of that beautiful lady of peace

She was like a bunch of all the meditation of life


Con man couldn’t take his eyes off that lady

like she has holded his eye balls badly

The background images, sounds, stimuli, everything was gone

Just she, her smile, her specs, her persona, her simplicity.



“Hey, con man! she is the king’s daughter, the your highness.”

Con man felt that he is trying to grab the sun in his arms

and he is so desperate that he can even risk his life for it.

He was not a hero, neither a god gifted or talented man

No one really knew about him, he was a lonely man.

But, he approached……

So nervous that that he felt that he can shrink like a raisin, After all, he is just a common man, never did a deed of courage.

“Hi “, that’s all he was able to speak. But the girl turned around and said ” Hello man,how are you? I have heard that you are in engineering, you look decent, generally they are not.”

She was there in college, just for studies, she hated it when someone calls her your highness or even if someone used to talk about her royalty. She was a very down to earth person, she had some higher goals for her future, she was one of those Intellectual, focused, go getter kind of girl, these mean talks really disappoints her a lot. All her friends friends knew about this and no one even dares to talk about her royalty.

But when the con man got to know about it, he was happy. Con man actually got some hope, it was like a way out in the middle of seven sad forests. They started roaming around, it was like she started liking con man because of his simple talks and shy nature. Con man was very happy those days, he started praising her as the queen of positive vibes. .

But like all the love stories, this story is not that simple. That day, the lady and the con man were sitting on a sea shore and that day, she was talking about her personal life. The lady hardly speaks about it but that day, she was indulged into the solitude of that peaceful environment. She told con man about about her co fellow whom  she loved by her heart. But the con man, kept listening to her, The more con man talks to the lady, the more he was indulged into the persona of her personality.

Con man was happy for her and took that pain as his fate, He decided to leave that kingdom for ever. But his heart always kept calling him a coward as he was unable to tell truth to the lady. He carried the weight of that guilt, day and night.

Kept staring at her pic sometime, trying to imagine the life that could be with her, but he had no choice now, he could not undo what he already did. But there was one thing that kept eating him from inside, his heart kept calling him a coward. He carried that weight of guilt day and night. But he was unable to withhold himself from being in contact with the princess via social media. ( yes, it was a high tech kingdom with the social media).

One day, princess told him that she is getting married and her man is not her love.

The con man was shocked, he was out of his control, he made all the efforts to tell her that she is the your highness for him, the most beautiful lady. He treated her like a princess, but she was already a princess and she hated it when someone talks about her royalty.

Since that day, she disappeared from con man’s life forever.

Con man shouted,


to be continued ………..